Dr Gregory Thornbury- President of King’s College
For Billy Reid Journal


Dr Gregory Thornbury- President of King’s College

For Billy Reid Journal

Easily the scariest moment of my life at college. 

"She is certainly a great Queen and were she only a Catholic she would be our dearly beloved. Just look how well she governs! She is only a woman, only mistress of half an island, and yet she makes herself feared by Spain, by France, by the Empire, by all."

— Pope Sixtus V describes Queen Elizabeth I, c.1588. (via mygoodqueenbess)


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Queen Elizabeth I of England

September 7, 1533 - March 24, 1603

"Men fight wars. Women win them."

— Queen Elizabeth I of England (via octoberinflorence)

(via houseofqe1)

Fundraising Update

Seven weeks and $2,945 left to collect. 

That number is crazy talk. Crazy talk, because its the highest fundraising goal I have had to raise for myself. I always try to scrimp on fundraising goals that I set for myself on mission trips that I organize. I like to lower the figure by the amount of money that I personally pay, and then lower it by paying for as many costs out of pocket as possible. 

I like to think that makes me a humble and good missionary. A missionary that doesn’t burden people. The reality is I am a scared missionary. Afraid that if I asked for the real number I wouldn’t see it come through. I like to keep the real number close to my chest, and count on my own working hours to bring in the biggest piece. I like to control and plan fundraising events. I like to work the hardest, and earn the most. 

No room for that here. God’s provision alone. So, here’s to letting go and humbly approaching a throne. 

"The economic, political, and nautral landscape of Brazil is in turmoil. Account deficits, riots, and droughts have put pressure on the country’s leaders to deliver solutions. As the state address the needs of its citizens through policy, the church is left to address the spiritual and physical needs hands …"

Losiak in Brazil | Mary Losiak’s Fundraiser on CrowdRise


I can never give away more than I have. Christ has given me something eternal. (1 Peter 4:11)